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(Bulk Belt Buckle Manufacturing / Belt Buckle Customization / Custom Belt Buckle Mold Manufacturing)

Chung Jen is a professional zinc alloy manufacturer, and customized belt buckles are one of our most popular items. Our belt buckles are made of high quality zinc alloy, which is both durable and attractive. We provide bulk belt buckle service, as well as ODM and OEM products.

Classic Custom Belt Buckle

We can customize the plating color of the classic belt buckle design. And if you want to make a one-of-a-kind mold or any other customization to make a unique custom belt buckle, please contact us.

Custom Pattern Belt Buckle

We offer digital printing, laser engraving, color epoxy, and other coloring techniques to customize your belt buckle with your pattern and logo. Create a one-of-a-kind custom belt buckle with your brand style by combining excellent design with high quality zinc alloy belt buckle.

Custom 3D Belt Buckle

As a professional belt buckle manufacturer, we can provide you with the belt buckle customization service you require. Make the 3D custom belt buckle according to your specifications using the 3D relief technique. Please do not hesitate to share your design with us and discuss it with us.

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