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Custom Challenge Coin Bulk / Wholesale Commemorative Coin

Commemorative Coins and Challenge Coins are often confused by people because both are coins with special commemorative value. Although they may look similar, the purposes and meanings of Commemorative Coins and Challenge Coins are actually quite different.

Commemorative Coins

As the name suggests, Commemorative Coins are primarily intended for “commemoration.” They are frequently used to commemorate special events, individuals, and are often sold in souvenir shops at tourist destinations. On anniversaries or during brand marketing events, Commemorative Coins are used as gifts and serve as effective promotional items that enhance a brand’s image. Typically, Commemorative Coins feature unique designs, have high collectible value, and carry significant meaning, making them a favorite among collectors.

Challenge Coin

While Challenge Coins also possess commemorative value, their origin lies in military tradition, where they are used to recognize the performance or achievements of members. Challenge Coins typically feature the organization’s emblem and symbolic designs. People carry Challenge Coins as a sign of identity and belonging to their respective organizations. It has evolved into a common bar game, where presenting a Challenge Coin and challenging others to produce theirs can result in the challenged person buying a drink if they cannot produce their own.

Our company specializes in zinc alloy casting technology, which is one of the most suitable materials for making Commemorative Coins and Challenge Coins. We offer custom services for both types of coins, allowing us to create coins in various shapes such as round, square, and pentagon. We can electroplate coins in bronze, gold, silver, and other colors. Our use of laser engraving, digital printing, embossing, and other techniques ensures that we can bring your ideal coin design to life.

For fully customized requests requiring mold-making, you can also refer to our OEM Commemorative Coin page.

Chinese Zodiac New Year Commemorative Coins

For the Chinese New Year, we have crafted Commemorative Coins featuring the twelve zodiac animals. These coins can be distributed or sold at temple festival events, bringing blessings to your celebrations. Each coin represents a specific zodiac animal and is presented with stunning 3D embossing and digital printing techniques, capturing lifelike details and depth.

Whether you have your own ideas or creative concepts, our custom services can help you create equally exquisite New Year Coins or various Commemorative Coins. Whether you are celebrating traditional temple festivals or seeking special gifts, collaborating with us to create Commemorative Coins is the ideal choice.

In conclusion, Commemorative Coins and Challenge Coins, despite their different histories and purposes, both represent special meanings and values. Our company, with its outstanding 3D printing technology and custom services, is committed to assisting customers in creating exquisite Commemorative Coins to forever remember those important moments.

Core Advantages:

  • High quality zinc alloy manufacturing
    Precision molds, professional die-casting technology, careful polishing, the best electroplating process, produce high-quality products for you.
  • Product development advice
    From the design to the mass production process, there are many practical problems to be overcome. Our R&D team can effectively make recommendations to modify and realize your products.
  • Factory direct purchase price
    We are a high-quality factory to supply international orders. Without the margin of importers and trading companies, you can get a favorable price under a large qty purchase.
  • Stable product quality
    Sample, production, repeat order have consistent quality. We are responsible for supplying goods, and always remember your requests.
  • One-stop service
    From the design, production, QC, packing to delivery, meeting all your needs once.
  • On time delivery
    Multi-delivery ways on land, sea and air. We have shipping agent in Hong Kong providing on time shipment service allows you to cooperate with us without worries.
  • Focus on environmental issues
    Our plating or grinding/polishing equipment complies with local government regulations. We have certifications regarding environmental protection.
  • Professional service for you
    With years of business experience, good communication and insight into the needs of customers, we plan your next step in advance and provide complete service.


  • Is your company a manufacturer or a trader?
    We are Taiwan company and have our own factory in Fujian, China, mainly producing zinc alloy products for more than 30 years. You can have high-quality goods and the best factory direct purchase price without the margin of importers or traders.
  • Any certification on factory and products?
    Our factory is BSCI certified and Disney ILS Social Compliance Audited, and got China government permit of sewage disposal. Our products and the materials also comply with related regulations. Our annual structural ODM products also got patent certificates.
  • What is the minimum purchase quantity (MOQ)?
    OEM customized products: Considering the mold and development costs, we suggest to order at least 500 pcs to obtain preferential prices.
    ODM standard models: The MOQ is 300, effectively reduces the cost of purchase and achieves your greatest benefits.
  • How long is the lead time from order to delivery?
    After artwork approval, it takes about a week for sample and 3-4 weeks for production, plus the shipping time, then you can receive the goods. If it’s complex designed product or the purchase quantity is large, the production time needs to be re-confirmed. Please feel free to contact us if any query. We recommend you choose the standard models to shorten the mold and proofing time and meet your urgent needs.
  • How to pay for a deal?
    For the first order, the customer will be required to pay the full amount in advance by T/T or PayPal for small amount under US$300. Please contact us for details.
  • What are the options for shipping?
    You can choose to ship from Hong Kong or Xiamen by air, sea or courier door to door service to get your goods faster and grab the initiative.

Company Introduction:

Chung Jen International Co., Ltd. established in 1986, is a professional manufacturer of zinc alloy products, mainly produces zinc alloy keychains. We have professional R&D department to develop various of good quality gifts & premiums according to customers’ needs.

Chung Jen continuously launches ODM items like keychains, coin keyrings, badges, emblems, medals, medallions, golf accessories, belt buckles, cufflinks, tie bars, mobile ring stands, cable winders, photo frames, paperweights, USB flash drives, bracelets, etc. We have decades of experience in making zinc alloy souvenirs / promotional items and offering high quality service. We are definitely the best supplier you can trust!

Chung Jen keeps improving our manufacturing technology and extending our product range to household hardware, boutique accessories, 3C peripherals and other zinc alloy products. We pursue high quality of the product and realize every detail. Chung Jen looks forward to working with you!

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