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Wholesale Fashion Accessories in bulk No Mold Fee

Unlike precious metals such as gold or silver, zinc alloy materials can be used to produce affordable accessories. Various metal processing techniques, such as mature zinc alloy die-casting technology and various printing techniques used for metals, can be applied to create accessories that better meet demand. Therefore, we have developed a diverse range of zinc alloy fashion accessories coupled with customized services, aiming to meet the needs of various brands and produce high-quality zinc alloy fashion accessories.

These are suitable for brand-exclusive handicrafts, souvenirs, or as promotional gifts during events, and we welcome inquiries for procurement.

Belts are essential accessories used in many formal occasions. In addition to the material and color of the belt, the shape of the belt buckle is more likely to attract attention. We offer metal customization services for belt buckles, where you can choose electroplating colors and utilize digital printing, laser engraving, and other techniques to customize your brand’s logo or design on the belt buckle, creating exclusive custom belt buckles.

For the pendant part of necklaces, we use high-quality zinc alloy and utilize die-casting technology to create a 3D effect. We provide customization on the metal surface, allowing brand logos or designs to be printed or laser-engraved, collaboratively creating brand-exclusive custom necklaces to showcase the brand’s personality and style.

We use silicone material to make bracelets, which represent trendiness and fashion on many occasions. For the functionality and history of silicone bracelets, you can refer to “Why are silicone bracelets popular?” We offer various vivid colors and provide custom printing of text and patterns, allowing you to have distinctive and unique custom silicone bracelets.

We offer a variety of animal-shaped hair accessories, and customers can choose according to their hairstyle and occasion requirements. Some hair accessories offer customization services. Our hair accessory designs combine fashion and practicality, perfectly complementing the customer’s style and showcasing unique charm. They are suitable for purchase and sale in stores with animal-related themes.

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