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Onlygo Collaborative Products

Onlygo, a creative gift brand focused on custom service, collaborated with Chung Jen to launch seven series products: “Pets don’t want to go home-Phone ring holder,” “Animal corporate slave tell the truth-Memo Acrylic Stand,” “Origami Animal Series Necklaces,” “Custom Speech Bubble Pin Badge,”Lazy Animal Series Fridge Magnet,”Hand Painted Alcohol Spray Bottle,”and “Animal Luminous Badge.”
They are appropriate as products in creative stores or as a gift for corporate coworkers. The product is available for wholesale in small quantities, and it could also be purchased in conjunction with other things; please contact us for more information.

*Onlygo’s products are available in small quantities for wholesale, and it can also be purchased in conjunction with other items; please contact us for more information.

Pets Don’t Want to Go Home Series-Phone Ring Holder

The series “Pets don’t want to go home-Phone ring holder” is inspired by the video “The red shiba doesn’t want to go home.” When you pull the phone ring holder like a bad-tempered dog, you will be relieved by its sweet squeezed cheek! There are six different types of pets, such as red shiba, black shiba, white shiba, husky, pug, and chihuahua, and they all have the same expression when they don’t want to go home. (Except for Chihuahuas)

Animal Corporate Slave Tell The Truth Series-Acrylic Memo Stand

Acrylic is used to make the “Animal Corporate Slave Tell The Truth Series-Acrylic Memo Stand.” To portray the people who work at the office, print black and white, expressive animal corporate slaves. “Animal Corporate Slave Tell The Truth Series-Acrylic Memo Stand” might help you relieve your despair, pain, and complaint.

There are six animal acrylic stands are available: Ms. Doggy, Mr. Meow, Mrs. Bunny, Mr. Pork, Miss Raccoon, and Manager Bear.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces

Origami is a Japanese word that means “blessing” and “yearning” in some Asian cultures. Using the folding technique, you can create various patterns and designs from paper to express your mind. Onlygo designers collect animal shapes by patterns and show the symbolic meaning of the animals to create cute, simple, but elegant animal necklaces.

There are eight animals available: Elephant, Ilama, Rabbit, Squirrel, Dog, Bear, Cat, and Parrot.

Custom Speech Bubble Pin Badge

Custom Speech Bubble Pin Badge. There are three appearances are available. It is appropriate for stationary stores to customize it with some interesting news quotes or witty dialogues, or for businesses to put their brand slogan on the badge as a gift or give-away.

Animal Luminous Pin Badge

Animal Luminous Pin Badge. Onlygo’s designers begin with fossils. Combine them with animal skeletons and luminous effects. It’s like taking an X-ray photo of popular animals. Create a series of educational and interesting Animal luminous pin badges.

There are nine luminous badges available: Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Elephant, Whale, Rhino, Parrot, Cat, and Rabbit.

Lazy Animal Series Fridge Magnet

Through cute animal designs, it vividly described various images of animals lying down. Using the concept of people wanting to escape from reality and lying flat, our designer combined it with the healing sense of cute animals. Create Lazy Animal Series Fridge Magnets.

There are eight animals available: Pig, Sheep, Bear, Rabbit, Unicorn, Dinosaur, Cat, and Capybara.

Hand Painted Alcohol Spray Bottle

The appearance of the alcohol spray bottles is various types of animals in hand painted style that calm people. It is appropriate for zoos, creative stores, and animal-related stores.

There are six spray bottles available: Bengal Tiger, Raccoon, Malayan Tapir, Giraffe, Pangolin, King Penguin.

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