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  • Badge & Challenge Coin & Medal

Custom Badges / Custom Commemorative Coins

Custom Badge, Commemorative Coin in Bulk / Wholesale No Mold Fee

Badges and commemorative coins were the primary products of Chung Jen International at the beginning of its establishment, and they remain popular items to this day.

These two products are categorized together because both custom products can fully showcase the desired logos or brand symbols of customers.

The main differences lie in their size, design, and practical usage. We have experience collaborating with brands from various fields and have also collaborated with event companies to produce commemorative coins and badges, among other items.

Commemorative coins are usually circular metal coins, not necessarily used as currency but often for collecting or commemorating special events or individuals. Our custom commemorative coins can be combined with custom coin keychains, giving both parts a unique style and design. In addition to commemorative coins, we also offer custom challenge coins. Our advanced casting and printing technologies ensure exquisite detail, making these coins an attractive choice as corporate gifts to enhance your brand image.

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