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Custom Golf Accessories in Bulk / Wholesale Custom Golf Accessories No Mold Fee

The youthfulness and popularization of golf have led to more and more people trying to learn and participate in this sport. In addition to golfing equipment, many golf accessories are indispensable.

Zinc alloy is ideal for golf accessories, as it is durable and suitable for customization. Including golf divot tools (divot forks) , ball marker tokens, golf glove clips, etc., allowing you to customize your brand with various professional crafts on golf accessories, increasing exposure and brand awareness. Make your own custom golf accessories.

The golf divot tool, also known as a divot fork, is a tool used to repair ball marks on the green. Typically made of metal or plastic, it has a forked end. Ball marks refer to small indentations left by golf balls on the green. These marks can affect the smoothness of the green, making it more challenging for other players to putt.

To use the divot tool, insert the fork into the center of the ball mark and leverage it in different directions to fill the mark. Finally, gently tap the area with the bottom of your putter to level it. Repairing ball marks is a crucial etiquette in golf, helping maintain the green and ensuring fair playing conditions for all.

Our divot tools feature a spring-loaded mechanism for inserting ball marker tokens. The divot tool can be customized with electroplated colors or laser-engraved with your brand name, while the ball marker token can be custom-printed with your logo or brand insignia, creating your exclusive branded divot tool.

Ball Marker Token

A golf ball marker is a small item used to mark the position of a ball on the green. Typically made of plastic or metal, it is small and flat for easy marking. During putting, the ball marker helps you align your putt accurately. It also prevents other players from accidentally hitting your ball. Our ball markers can be custom-printed with your logo or brand insignia, providing a personalized touch to your golf accessories.

The golf glove clip is a clip designed to secure your golf glove. Usually made of metal or plastic, it features a clip and a hook. The golf glove clip can fasten your glove to your bag or belt, preventing it from getting lost or falling off during play.

As golf courses often lack shelter and require sun protection, many golfers wear hats. The golf hat clip is designed to attach to the hat and uses magnetic attraction to secure the ball marker token. This allows easy access and retrieval of the ball marker while on the course..

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