VR Exhibition

VR Exhibition

A “VR exhibition” is being held by Chung Jen International. The show is divided into two parts: “Product” and “Technique.” To demonstrate Chung Jen’s worth and position in the zinc alloy production business, we used the company’s major product and the technique used during the process. Emphasize on the fact that high quality is a natural outcome of professional technique.

There are seven sections under the two main themes, “Coin Keychain”, “Jeliku”, “Styled Product”, “ODM Keychain”, “Cooperation”, “Other Product”and “Chung Jen”, like the introduction below.

Coin Keychains:

After the original product  CJ-20001 was invented, Chung Jen launched various styles  of key chains successively, and also invented some functional coin keychains. In the countries which are still using coin operated shopping trolleys, our coin keychains sell well and overwhelm the market.


Made by Chung Jen International, Jeliku is a high-quality and safe product made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic certified materials. The special patent structure for bending, stacking and combination creates wonderful and interesting shapes. It is not only an innovative educational toy, but it can also be a promotional item.

Styled Products:

The products show the technique with professional style, including glitter digital printing, 3D relief, double colour plating, colorful plating and latent image design. Chung Jen not only focuses on manufacturing, but also maintains the quality of the products and devotes itself to improving their techniques and meeting customers’ needs.

ODM Keychains:

As a professional zinc alloy gift manufacturer, key chains are one of our major products. Chung Jen has a great reputation for smooth customer service and excellent quality. Depending on the logo and pattern provided by customers, we can make their own product rapidly. The products include sport series and leather series keychains.

Collaborative Products:

Besides corporate gifts and souvenirs of international events, Chung Jen cooperated with the Taipei City Zoo and the 2017 Universiade and made meaningful zinc alloy souvenirs. We also collaborated with Taiwanese local designers and created exquisite creative products.

Other Products:

Chung Jen uses a sophisticated zinc alloy production technology to keep up with market trends. We released a variety of zinc alloy items based on consumer ideas, such as belt buckles, golf accessories, badges, phone ring holders, and so on. Chung Jen has a skilled customizing process, as evidenced by the positive market response.

Chung Jen International:

It is the biggest section of the exhibition, which symbolizes the attitude based on professional technique. We provide the most professional manufacturing techniques and the best one-stop service. From the beginning of an idea, design, manufacturing, and shipping, all your needs can be satisfied. To keep the high quality of the products, every part of the process is operated by professional staff. We also have many international certificates to prove that we have the best products for you.

In our VR exhibition, every product is equipped with a 3D mold, a product video, and the introduction in four languages. The complete introduction can make people feel like they are touching the real product. We hope that the immersive experience provided by the VR exhibition will leave customers with fond memories while also assisting them in locating the products they require.

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