• Zamac Keychain

  • Zamac Keychain

We are a leading manufacturer specializing in zinc alloy keychains, with a focus on high-quality zinc alloy die-casting technology. Our primary products are OEM and ODM keychains. We have designed a wide variety of styles for both coin keychains and leather keychains. Additionally, we offer keychains with various additional features. Therefore, we have categorized them separately into multiple product lines.

All our keychains can be partially or fully customized. As a keychain manufacturer specializing in customization, we have experience working with major brands. You can place your brand’s logo or design on the keychains to create attractive personalized keychain gifts.

Coin keychains are one of our proudest innovations. They combine coins needed for shopping cart rentals in European and American supermarkets with convenient keychains. Our innovative token keychains gained popularity as soon as they were introduced. We have since introduced various styles, coloring techniques, and additional features for coin keychains. To this day, coin keychains remain one of our consistently best-selling products.

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