Chung Jen got the ICS Certification

Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS)

In 2019, Chung Jen got the ICS (Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability) certification . The certification was introduced in 1998 by the French Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FDC), with the International Labor Organization (ILO) human rights principles as the guiding framework, through external independent audit authority and the core terms required by ICS. Promote suppliers that work with ICS members to continuously improve the working environment of the factory.

ICS’s inspection program mainly covers labor rights and health, work environment safety and sanitation. According to the current number of audit cases accumulated by ICS, ICS has become one of the largest social responsibility actions in the world. Chung Jen is committed to producing high-quality gifts, spare no effort to fulfill social responsibilities, attach importance to labor rights, provide a safe working environment, completed vocational training, reasonable salary and working hours, and create a “people-oriented” working environment.

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