2019 Chung Jen became the Disney certified manufacturer

2019 Chung Jen got the Disney International Labor Standards Audit

In 2019, Chung Jen got the Disney International Labor Standards Audit(Disney ILS Audit). In order to legally produce Disney’s products, the supplier must obtain this certification. Chung Jen has repeatedly got this rigorous social responsibility standard audit, becoming an authorized supplier by Disney.

In addition to making high-quality products, Chung Jen remains highly concerned about social responsibilities such as environmental protection and labor rights. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, Chung Jen is regularly inspected by Disney and other international certification bodies to create continuous improvement.

Chung Jen is strictly forbidden to use any forced labor and child labor and does not allow any workplace discrimination. Chung Jen will provide all the protective equipment and measures required for the working environment to protect the safety and health of all workers, and protect the basic rights of workers such as working hours and wages, to create a “people-oriented” working environment.

Disney ILS Audit official website