Chung Jen passed the BSCI Certification

2019 Chung Jen passed the BSCI Certification

At the end of 2019, Chung Jen passed the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) factory inspection, which originated in Europe, is a set of international corporate social responsibility management tools and factory inspection standards promoted by the global business association (Amfori), emphasizing the importance of labor human rights and workplace environment.

Chung Jen’s business philosophy is “people-oriented”. We value long-term cooperation and create a friendly working environment for our employees. Chung Jen actively implements the BSCI’s code of conduct, including providing employees with reasonable wages, regulating reasonable working hours, maintaining the safety of the working environment, focusing on the hygienic conditions of the working environment, and prohibiting any discriminatory behavior.

While making high-quality products, Chung Jen is still striving to implement social responsibilities at all levels, constantly spurring itself, and moving towards sustainable management.

BSCI official website