2020 New York Home & Gift Virtual Exhibition

2020 NY Now Digital Market

2020 New York Home & Gift Virtual Exhibition

2020 New York Home & Gift Virtual Exhibition (also known as NY NOW Digital Market) held by Emerald Expositions Events Inc., is one of the famous exhibitions worldwide, which is also a major event of the gift sourcing in New York.

NY Now Digital Market is a powerful online trade platform, which provides a lead generation, search, and discovery tools to drive sustained business. This platform is also powered by state-of-the-art AI and machine learning, allowing you to expand your business channels more efficiently. NY NOW has a global reach, with exhibitors and attendees from 90+ countries and all 50 states, and includes buyers representing every retail segment. There are lots of featuring products from over 4,500 suppliers.

Chung Jen will also participate in the exhibition and show many specific custom-made gifts, including belt buckles, pin badges, and some clothing accessories such as cufflinks and tie clips. Our technical team will use laser engraving and digital printing technology to create gifts that are exclusive to you according to your customized needs.

Chung Jen is committed to providing customers with comprehensive services, from design, production, and shipment, all processes are handled by us. Chung Jen keeps improving the manufacturing process of zinc alloy products and launches various ODM gifts so that customers have more high-quality choices.

Welcome to visit an online exhibition. For more about professional craftsmanship and customized products, please go to the relevant introduction page or contact us.

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October 3 – 7, 2020

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